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  • Pastor Isaiah Banks

I Will Rise

I will Rise! When we realize and reconnoiter the strength that we all have rooted in us, I believe that we all will be more determined to rise when we are knocked down or pulled down.There are a plethora of problems in life that seemingly knock or pull us down; such as, unexpected sickness afflicting your body; catastrophic challenges that causes your life to go haywire; the loss of a loved one or close friend.  All of these instances can make it seem like the weight of the world is on your shoulders which results in that  feeling of being knocked or pulled down. However, during this resurrection season I am reminded of how Jesus Christ himself was knocked and pulled down while attempting to complete his God given assignment and mission. Yet,  Mark 15:9 says“Jesus rose”. This should be an inspiration to any and everyone who has ever felt they were in this position.No matter what, there should always be something deep down that causes you to push through and rise. It may be your fans or family, congregation or commitments, enemies or nay-sayers.However, never allow your circumstance to keep you from being courageous and rising up. We have been equipped with the same power that raised Jesus from the dead. Affirm that you have that power. Apply that power to the area of life thatʼs trying to keep you down and accomplish what youʼve set out to do. RISE as Jesus did on resurrection Sunday morning! RISE until your haters realize they canʼt stop you! RISE until obscure opportunities open for you! RISE until you become all you want to become and accomplish all you want to accomplish. RISE UP!

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